Gallery of Minnig Museum in Rožňava


Exhibitions in 2018:

November 16th 2017 – January 18th 2018: There is Eternal Spring in My Soul (Mária Gyarmati)

November 28th 2017 – January 24th 2018: Fairytale Museum

January 30th – March 27th 2018: eNRA RV (Rovás Art Group)

March 15th – April 30th 2018: From Hops to Beer

March 13th – May 22nd 2018: Fragile Charm of Easter Eggs

April 5th – Jun 25th 2018: Rožňava go on!

April 25th – September 30th 2018: Painter of Lučenec (František Gyurkovics)

May 3rd – July 22nd 2018: From Needle to Sewing Machine

June – August 2018: Art School Exhibition (Art School Rožňava)

June 28th – September 5th 2018: Lux in tenebris

July 24th – September 26th 2018: Rožňava in Art Photography (PIX-XL)

September 13th – November 22nd 2018: Koloman Tichy

October 4th 2018 – January 31st 2019: Gemer in the period of First Czechoslovak Republic

November 22nd 2018 – January 20th 2019: Mystery of Honey Cake Heart

November 27th 2018 – January 30th 2019: Life and Work in Industrial Rožňava (OZ MEDZA)


Touring Exhibitions:

September 2017 – April 2018: Diverse World of Funguses (East Slovak Museum Košice)

March 14th – May 11th 2018: Memory of Muráň Stoneware (Castle Museum in Fiľakovo)

March 22nd. – May 22nd 2018: Rožňava Guilds (Jan Thain Museum in Nové Zámky)

May 15th – August 31st 2018: Memory of Muráň Stoneware (Gemer-Malohont Museum Rimavská Sobota)

May 24th – September 16th 2018: Rožňava Guilds (East Slovak Museum Košice)

September 6th – December 9th 2018: Memory of Muráň Stoneware (Town Museum in Jelšava)

September 2018 – April 2019: Diverse World of Funguses (Museum of Spiš Territory)

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