Calendar of events

During the year 2018

February 2018: Methodical Day

March 2018: Easter Crafting Classes

March 1st 2018: Z. Beke: Koloman Tichy – Personality (public lecture)

March – April 2018: M. Kováč: Easter Eggs and Spring Traditions (public lecture)

March 22nd 2018: E. Tományová: Koloman Tichy – Writer and Publicist (public lecture)

April 6th 2018: Alexander Müller (seminar)

April 12th 2018: S. Holečková: Koloman Tichy and Museum (public lecture)

April 26th 2018: Koloman Tichy and Bardejov (public lecture)

May 2nd 2018: Opening of Exposition of Mining and Metallurgy of Gemer Region

                          Day of Cultural Heritage (OZ MEDZA)

May 10th 2018: M. Kováč: Koloman Tichy and Etnography (public lecture)

May 18th 2018: Andrássy Day III.

May 19th 2018: Night of Museums and Galleries 2018 in Mining Museum in Rožňava

May 31st 2018: Koloman Tichy in Budapest (public lecture)

June 1st 2018: Project day 

June 2018: František Gyurkovits – Painter of Lučenec (public lecture)

June 7th 2018: E. Kušnierová: Koloman Tichy – Painter and Graphic Designer (public lecture)

June 21st 2018: P. Lackanič: Midsummer Wonts and Heritage of the Slavs (public lecture)

July 2018: Methodical Day

July 2018: Museum Day Camp

August 8th 2018: Revealing a Memorial Plaque to Koloman Tichy

September - October 2018: Live Museum VII. – In the Footsteps of Tinkers in Gemer Region (museum-pedagogical class)

October 24th 2018: International Conference on Life and Work of Koloman Tichy

November 13th 2018: Czechoslovak Day

December 2018: Christmas Crafting Classes

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